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Cylinder Hats Summer or Winter

Top hats are essential accessories in a man's wardrobe: whether for a ceremony or in everyday life, these hats are considered the classic hat for exclusive events, in which to dare with a flashy outfit.

The name Cilindro (or Tuba) refers to a wide range of cylindrical-shaped hats; created in the 1800s, this headgear underwent various changes in the height of the cap, from very high to medium to low. The central part of cylinder hats is generally deformed and narrowed, making the hat appear upwards, while the brim is narrow and raised at the sides.

Originally made of beaver felt, this hat was for many years made by covering the felt base with fabrics such as shiny or canetted silk.

How to Choose the Right Top Hat for You

Choosing the right top hat for your needs is a very important step and should be approached with great care: whether it is for a formal ceremony or a more informal occasion, the hat needs to match your outfit perfectly.

For more formal looks, the choice will be for plain fabrics and the classic taller top hat, decorated with a belt and shiny silk edging; a different choice if the use is purely mundane: in this case the choice will fall on something that reflects one's style and with colours that match one's outfit.

We must also pay attention to the season in which we want to use this accessory: in the cold season the choice of the top hat will fall on a heavier fabric such as felt and possibly waterproof, while in the case of a summer hat we can choose light fabrics with brighter colours, flashy patterns or with historical patches.

How to Choose the Right Hat Size

Choosing the correct hat size is an important moment because every handcrafted hat has very different sizes. Hat sizes are calculated in centimetres and range from size 55 (the smallest) to 62 (the largest).

To calculate your correct hat size all you have to do is take a tape measure, measure the circumference of your head by holding the tape measure just one centimetre above your ears, which is the point where your hat will fit perfectly.

You can calculate the size using a piece of string, a string or a shoelace. Measure the circumference, mark the point where the two sides intersect with a pen and then measure the lace with a ruler or a normal tape measure.