Craftsmanship, attention to detail, passion and respect for tradition: these are some of the characteristics that describe Doria 1905, a historic brand that has made made in Italy its strong point since 1905. The quality of the materials are accompanied by a conceptual and stylistic philosophy that enhances the craftsmanship in a harmonious balance between fashion and tradition, between contemporary trends and reminiscences of the past.


Doria 1905 Winter Hat Collection 2022


Re-fashion is transcription of Heritage, which translates into a path of revisiting the product, a "re-hatfashion" in fact, through a careful study of the details that make it recognizable and unique.

The focus is on revisiting the iconic garments, the sizes and proportions of each product, in the even more refined craftsmanship, in the details of "designer" metal accessories. Re-Hat Fashion also means a very careful look at materials, eco-friendly with natural yarns and absolutely Made in Italy.

Characteristic of the collection are the set of threads and patterns, which replicate the colors of Salento's nature: heath green, bauxite, storm, coffee, chestnut, olive, malvasia, Negroamaro, liquorice, midnight blue, and Saracen black.

Cups are knotted like scarves, hats roll up and wings dance, cloches and buckets fold softly. It's Nature everywhere, in the simplicity of the hats, in the naturalness of the materials, in the search for increasingly sustainability-conscious workmanship.



Bordeaux Leather Bucket Hat
Bordeaux Leather Bucket Hat


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