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Jeans Fabric Seaman's Cap Baky Model


Baker Boy Brocade Operated Fabric Hat with Strap Baki Pattern


Baker Boy Summer or Winter Hats
Baker Boy hats are essential accessories in both men's and women's wardrobes: whether for ceremonies or everyday life, these kinds of hats have won space in the world of accessories because of their versatility.

The Baker Boy hat is actually a soft cap that originated in America in the early 1900s. It was a working cap for bakers, protecting their heads and eyes from the heat and preventing hair from falling out during preparation.

It made a comeback in 1960 with the advent of the beat generation and is strongly in fashion in this last decade. It is a soft truncated cap, sometimes slightly offset upward, with a semi-rigid band around the head and a medium-sized visor, also normally rigid.
How to Choose the Right Baker Boy Hat for You
Choosing the right Baker Boy hat for your needs is a very important step and should be approached very carefully: whether it is for a ceremonial, an aperitif with friends or an informal occasion the hat needs to be perfectly in tune with our style.

For more sporty and casual looks, the choice will be oriented towards a hat in patterned fabric with more or less bright colours; a different choice if the use is purely mundane or in the case of a ceremony: the choice will fall on something that reflects one's style and with colours that match one's outfit.

We must also pay attention to the season in which we want to use this accessory: in the cold season the choice of a baker boy hat will fall on a heavier fabric, such as felt or wool, and possibly waterproof, while in the case of a summer baseball hat we can choose a classic canvas baker boy with brighter colours and patterns.