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Sails with Acqua dell'Elba! The collaboration between two historic brands continues

The sailing continues and lands in the splendid single-brand store in the historic centre of Florence on the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo 102. The special co-branding "Doria 1905 sails with Acqua dell'Elba" confirms the success of the historic hat brand's association with the fragrance house founded 22 years ago by the visionary project of the founding partners, now known worldwide as Acqua dell'Elba.

For the upcoming Pitti Doria 1905 has created a Limited Edition, Elbanainterpreting the inspiration with the coolest visor of the summer, a perfect accessory for sailing, the sea and leisure. To be worn with wet hair and stored rolled up in the beach bag. Made of Acqua dell'Elba's iconic aquamarine linen, it steals the shape of Casa Doria's coolest baseball cap, the Tender roller cap, becoming an ultra-light, fresh and fragrant visor. A unisex garment decorated by the now leitmotiv detail of the small white piping that recalls the foam of the waves and sealed by the gold mould on a blue field "Doria sails with Acqua dell'Elba".

A meeting of styles on the wave of the sea. 

The hats inspired by the essence of the sea, named after two enchanting beaches on the island, will always be available in the Acqua dell'Elba shop windows, in the Doria 1905 flagship store and in the online shop: Innamorata - a romantic paradise, between legend and nature - and Samson - one of the most beautiful and representative beaches on the island. Two hats, for him and for her, created ad hoc in the Doria 1905 workshop, combining the most iconic models of Doria 1905 with the creative and adventurous spirit of the Tuscan fragrance rand.

Innamorata, the timeless 'Drop' model with its teardrop dome and wide wing, is interpreted in a 'marine' guise in ultra-light and textured pure linen canvas in the Pantone colour symbol of Acqua dell'Elba. Decorated with a nuanced grosgrain, it has white cotton piping to emphasise its freshness. The particularly light lining in pure linen makes it a modern yet timeless garment. Made from the same materials, the Sansone model, Doria's classic mid-wing 'Drop' model, is a true must-have, elegant and genderless. The inner ribbon in sea blue bears the logo of the two brands, printed in gold by hand, a detail that makes it unique and personalised. 

A proposal designed for men and women to be combined with two timeless classics by Acqua Dell'Elba - "Classica Uomo" and "Classica Donna" - two icons of elegance and refinement. 

The first, a fresh and marine masculine fragrance created with notes of mandarin, lemon and rosemary, combined with seaweed together with musk and Mediterranean scrub. For her, on the other hand, the vivaciousness of Orange blossom and Myrtle combined with the sensuality of Gardenia and Jasmine. As time passes, the floral notes bond with the accord of Marine Cistus. The essence stabilises with woody notes typical of the Mediterranean Macchia. Fragrances capable of transporting us to the wild and marine nature of the Island of Elba.

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