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Save the Date. Doria 1905 presents the PE23 Re-Fresh collection at Pitti Uomo

I am happy the farther I push my soul from the house of clay | in the night swept by the wind and the
| And through the worlds of light the eye wanders - | When I am and no one beside - | Neither land nor sea nor clean skies - | But only spirit that wanders in the open | And traverses the immense, the infinite."

Emily Brontë


Re-Fresh: PE23 collection by Doria 1905


Earth, Sea, Air. It is from these elements that Doria 1905's 'RE-FRESH' blows and pervades the PE23 collection.

Sea, Bauxite and Cloud follow one after the other, interspersed with natural nuances, Wheat, Olive, Lavender, Tuff, Heath, in a positive/negative play of colours that passes through the iconic hats, arriving at the brand's great novelties. A true celebration of the wildest corners of the lands where Doria was born. A creative journey that starts from the reinterpretation of Heritage to arrive at renewing and "refreshing" the products that are the hallmark of the Maison.

Two-tone weaves steal shades from land and sea and chase each other on straw threads, in fabrics, in belts, woven exclusively in Greece, according to an ancient tradition often found in the handicrafts of Salentinian Greece.

Woven reed, an ancient tradition, is enriched with a unique and unrepeatable décor, hemp and scraps of recycled fabric create unusual weaves, giving materials a second life.

Doria 1905, sensitive to the sustainability of production, has embarked on a virtuous path to recover the production leftovers of its collections, quality materials that would risk remaining unused. It promotes environmental protection and production ethics starting with the choice of raw materials, possibly Made in Italy, sometimes exclusively from the place of origin of a specific product.

The lightening of the shapes and the construction of the products, in the sign of a path undertaken some time ago, reveal practical and modern garments that have been analysed and deconstructed to interpret a micro-line dedicated to moments of sporting leisure, visors, caps, printed canvas and terry cloth buckets in pure '80s tennis style (Doria's muse sport) and their 'denim version' that winks at street-sportswear.

An impressionist en plein air portrait entrusted to the eyes and refined and 'wild' choices of photographers Flavio & Frank and videomaker Gabriele Surdo. A breath of fresh air, like the Levante wind, like the aroma of summer fields, the pungent perfume of the sea and the acrid scent of damp red earth. Outsider, a little bit dandy, a little bit rock, cheeky, sophisticated and globetrotter, in short too-Doria, as well as those who love and wear "Doria1905"

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