• 100% Genuine Panama woven in Ecuador

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M 57 - 58 22,5 7 7,15
L 59 - 60 23,25 7,25 7,4
XL 61 - 62 24 7,5 7,65
XXL 63 - 64 24,9 7,75 7,9
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Our Drop is a hat made in Panama Cuenca, a weave generated from simple threads typical of the city of the same name. Our Salento artisans process the shapeless semi-finished product from Ecuador, using only steam and heat, pulling it by hand on wooden forms.

Working in this way, the material takes on the desired shape of the crown and brim. It is handled especially gently throughout the process so that it retains the traditional and unmistakable elasticity of panama fibers.

The material from which the famous Panama is made follows several processing steps: it is a weaving of strands of "paja-toquilla," a straw made from the leaves of Carludovica palmata, a plant native to Central and South America. The craftsmanship of these straw strands is done entirely by hand and is an important part of Ecuador's cultural heritage; in fact, these ancient production techniques have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Depending on the type and degree of weaving imparted to the straw, Panama takes on different designations and qualities, suffice it to say that the finest ones can involve up to 8 months of manual labor by local artisans.

Our hat has a medium brim and is a Drop model developed in a combination of colors typical of the Salento region: the cool sea blue color and the bauxite red grosgrain belt. The golden brass Doria logo completes and gives a bright spot to the hat.

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