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Let's Deco-D! Doria 1905 presents the new SS22 collection at Pitti Uomo

Doria 1905 finally kicks off the comeback season by participating in the Pitti Connect digital edition with the SS 22 collection and a new co-branding.

"The earth was chocolate-coloured and the grass grew right up to the walls. There were endless rows of neatly arranged olive trees in front of us, sending out a light, pungent perfume from the blossom... the olive trees also shone in the rosy light".

(Caterina Durante)

The landing is approaching and the journey, interminable, slow and relaxed, reaches another destination. Among the lands where everything began, in the wild and brazen nature that has always been reflected in the inspiration of the Salento brand's collections.

The materials let themselves be conquered by the rawness of the grasses in the meadows along the coasts, enveloped in the story of nature. Sea straw hats, woven reed and hemp, raffia, hemp, raw frayed Panama and the noblest Panama Brisa and Cuenca, which come from distant lands, are declined in Tufo/Saraceno and Frumento/Bauxite colours to celebrate the typical nuances of the Doria house.

Organic fabrics such as cotton, eco-sustainable fabrics such as linen, maritime canvas with a raw but luxurious look, together with the more classic tweeds play with the colours of the earth and the sea, Abyss, Olive, Saffron, Bauxite, Foam, Wheat, Lake.

doria 1905 men's hats pitti

The precious leno net, a classic from Doria's archives, is inspired by fishing nets and creates games of softness and transparency between coppola and baseball, up to the fresh jerseys that fit perfectly, almost like a second skin. The ever-present sartorial patchwork, created in the atelier, this time is tinged with the colours of the sea and the air. This is an original workmanship from the beginning of the century, created to recover fabric by creating precious artefacts, now aims to become more current than ever by dressing not only the classics, but also unexpected reversible baseball and bucket jackets, playing with colour combinations carefully created by the craftsmen.

Colours and inspirations come to life around the thread of the iconic Decò-D motif, in which the letters of the name Doria chase each other to create an Art Nouveau pattern in the new Salento variation. Bauxite, Negroamaro, Tufo, Olivo, Cala, Frumento and Abisso, the colours of the land and sea follow one another in a "baiadera" pattern.

The icon collection is enriched with hot stamps on leather that re-propose the pay-off "handmade passion" in graphic and decomposed games, while the brand name decorates lacquered or worn-looking rings in warm chocolate tones. The Toodoria capsule plays with the simplicity of the iconic Decò-D logoed fabric in black&white and the rawness of reed for the straw, with woven canvas-effect belts in denim and bronze, highlighted by rings in vintage denim metal and camouflage smoke.

ss22 Doria 1905 collection

In the collection inspired by the Lands and Seas, cloches are transformed into sea squashes, hats become reversible and transformable, and straw hats unfold wide wings to protect from the sun and the heat. The ever-present coppola and baseball caps are revisited in their shapes and proportions.

Casa Doria's "soft" workmanship is enhanced by the light, dancing straw, processed without the use of sizing to achieve as natural an appearance as possible, and by the ever-present pocket and roll-up garments that have made Doria an informal brand with a clearly defined style since its inception.

The RAIN micro-collection in the new khaki colour, made of cotton canvas with an anti-rain coating based on aromatic amines, is a perfect travel companion that goes well with the hat-bags in coriander and leather canvas or in the coriander-absus variant.

women's hats ss22 collection

It's the freshness of Salento's land, the breeze of the coast, the freedom of a glance towards the Finis Terrae with the pungent scent of grass for a rediscovered simplicity and lightness, in a collection that wants to celebrate nature with attention to practicality and usability, fundamental addict for every Doria collection.

The flavour of the land where Doria was born can also be felt in the ADV shots, for which an ad hoc location was chosen, a typical period villa on the coast road leading to Leuca, Villa Raffaella, a perfect expression of Art Nouveau architecture, the period in which Doria was founded. The shots were entrusted to Salento photographer Mauro Lorenzo.

Thanks to the special co-branding "Doria 1905 sails with Acqua dell'Elba", two original models named after two splendid beaches, Sansone for him and Innamorata for her, land on the splendid coasts of the Tuscan Archipelago and join forces with the famous fragrance brand Acqua dell'Elba. Decorated with a grosgrain in a nuance and white cotton piping to underline their freshness, with a particularly light lining in pure linen, they are modern and timeless garments.


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