Women's Summer & Winter Hats

Women's hats: the best models, the difference in materials and the occasions in which to use them.

Whether it is summer or winter, sunny or rainy, a hat is one of the fashion accessories that should never be missing from our wardrobe. The perfect accessory with which to give importance to one's look, women's hats are the accessory that most draws attention to the face of the wearer, emphasising the look. The main thing is to find the model that best enhances your face. Then we need to separate hats by season: a nice straw hat to feel the sand under your feet or a felt cloche to take us straight to Christmas. Let's discover together the most fashionable women's hat models this year.

Best Women's Winter and Summer Hat Models

Women's Models Hats

In order to choose the best model of hat for women, you must first understand how you want to use it. Nothing is better than a baseball cap to complete a casual look, to be used every day of the week. If what we are looking for is an elegant and sophisticated hat, then we should opt for a fedora, which can be made in various sizes (medium, wide or extra-wide).

The choice of a woman's hat model should never overlook the seasonality and weather conditions of the current time of year. Technical fabrics, wool and felt are the most suitable materials when choosing a winter hat. This is due to the fact that they are water-resistant or waterproof, thus keeping your head dry and warm. The best models for women's winter hats are undoubtedly wide-brimmed hats, cloches or sailor hats. The shape of these hats greatly enhances the face and the look of the wearer.

The summer seasons are characterised by the use of straw. The hats most desired by women are undoubtedly the famous Panama hats, made from valuable South American straw. In recent years, hats made from woven hemp or papier-mâché have taken off. The best summer models for women are panama h ats and drop h ats, which provide protection from the sun and add elegance and sophistication to your look.

Women's Hats: Occasions in which to use a hat

Every woman or girl in her daily life tries to be as careful as possible with her look, trying to create combinations and linking garments from her wardrobe to the accessories that decorate her outfit. The hat is certainly one of these accessories and for this reason it needs a real study when you decide to wear it.

Regardless of the occasion, a woman's hat is the first accessory that catches the eye and defines her look. Fedoras, cloches and drops are just some of the hats that can be worn during a ceremony, be it a christening or a wedding.

The most important thing when choosing a hat is certainly how it matches your outfit. With formal or evening wear, a black hat is always recommended that draws attention without standing out too much, letting the eye fall on other details of your outfit. For informal parties, however, you can decide to wear a more eye-catching piece.

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