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Women's Hats

Hats are accessories that can never be lacking in a woman's wardrobe. They have the ability to enhance the face of the wearer, making the look stand out and giving an unmistakable style.

Rediscovered by all fashionistas, the women's hat is being used so much that it has even gained space in major international fashion shows. There are no rules for wearing it but you have to be very careful to match it well with your look.

One of the factors that most influences the choice of hat is definitely the material from which it is made. Wearing a felt hat rather than a classic panama is mainly dictated by the seasonality of the product. During winter periods, women's hats are preferred made of felt or wool while with the arrival of summer, straw hats become the undisputed protagonists.

Women's Winter Hats

 Women's Winter Hats

Beanies, wide-brimmed hats and finally classic fedoras are just a few of the women's hats that can be worn during the cold months of the year.

In addition to keeping your head warm and dry, hats can also give an important boost to your look: women's fedoras enhance elegant looks while wide-brimmed ones are perfect for enhancing more casual and informal looks.

Are you looking for a women's winter hat? Doria 1905 produces hats made in Italy both winter and summer. The wide range of products and the quality of materials allows our hats to be among the most popular.

Women's Summer Hats

Women's Summer Hats

Used to shelter from the sun's rays or as simple fashion accessories, women's hats are perfect for completing the look. They can be made in different types of patterns and materials that allow them to satisfy the taste of a wide audience.

Panama hats are definitely the most sought-after summer hats, while baseball caps are one of the nicest alternatives for more casual looks. And let's not forget the wide-brimmed hats. A hat that every woman must have in her wardrobe because it emphasises the look of the wearer and gives the look elegance and a refined touch.

Regardless of the model, a hat is always essential when spending a day at the beach or attending a formal ceremony. Drop hats and fedoras are the most classic models for events, as long as they match your outfit perfectly.

How to Choose the Right Hat for You

Choosing a hat is always a very complicated phase because several factors need to be taken into account: first of all, whether we are looking for a hat for a ceremony or for an informal occasion.

In the case of a ceremony or a theme party, an elegant black or white dress should be chosen, combined with a pink or plain hat in the same colour as the dress chosen. For an informal occasion we can opt for a classic hat with a brim and combine it with a total urban-casual look.

The second factor that characterises the choice of hat is the season in which we want to use it: if we want something summery, we should choose a straw hat or one made of light fabric such as linen or cotton. The situation is different for the cold seasons: in this case the most suitable hats are made of felt, lapin or heavier, waterproof fabrics.

The third factor to take into account when making your choice is your own style and outfit: for an alternative style you can opt for a pork-pie hat, a sailor's hat or a classic trilby; to complete an elegant style the choice moves to a wide-brimmed hat, a classic fedora or a cloche hat.

How to Choose the Right Hat Size

Choosing the right hat size is always a critical moment, also because every hat made by hand and then sold in hat shops has very different sizes compared to the classic ones that clothing shops have accustomed us to.

Hat sizes are calculated in centimetres and range from size 55 (the smallest) to 62 (the largest). There is a very simple and quick procedure to find out which size is right for you.

To calculate your correct hat size all you have to do is take a tape measure, measure the circumference of your head by holding the tape measure just one centimetre above your ears, which is the point where your hat will fit perfectly.

If you do not have a tape measure, you can calculate the size simply by using a piece of string or a shoelace. The procedure is the same:

  • make the circumference with string;
  • mark with a pen or felt-tip pen the point where the two parts of the lace meet;
  • Use a ruler or a normal tape measure to measure the lace.