Roberto - Lapin Felt Fedora Hat




The Fedora is an elegant men's hat that can be worn both in winter and summer. The conical cap is defined by a central wavy line running the length of the head and two darts at the sides. The wing of the hat can be of medium or large size, raised at the back and worn slanting over the eyes instead of on the side, the original position.

The Roberto is a medium wing Fedora hat in black shaved lapin felt. The belt is in black grosgrain enriched by the application of the Doria logo in gold metal. An elegant hat suitable for any occasion.

How to choose a size?

How to Choose the Right Hat Size

Choosing the right hat size is always a critical moment, also because every hat made by hand and then sold in hat shops has very different sizes compared to the classic ones that clothing shops have accustomed us to.

Hat sizes are calculated in centimetres and range from size 55 (the smallest) to 62 (the largest). There is a very simple and quick procedure to find out which size is right for you.

To calculate your correct hat size all you have to do is take a tape measure, measure the circumference of your head by holding the tape measure just one centimetre above your ears, which is the point where your hat will fit perfectly.

If you don't have a tape measure, you can calculate the size simply by using a piece of string, a string or a shoelace from your shoes: in the same way as before, use the tape measure to calculate the circumference, mark with a pen or a felt-tip pen the point where the two parts of the shoelace meet and then use a ruler or a normal tape measure to measure the shoelace.