Doria 1905, on the trades of a new, isolating, and adventurous itinerary, finds the passion for a long and traditional journey, the Grand Tour.

It travels along a route that starts from the land of Otranto and goes through both the seas and prairies, researching for natural spaces and frames frozen in time.

Its form is the movement, its soul is the straw in all its visual expressions: this is the leit-motiv which completes every look and becomes the destination of the journey.

Departing from Otranto, where the abysses create the rawest straw of the collection, which is the weaving of the pure “Paglia di Mare” (Seagrass) that comes from the Posidona Oceanica’s leaves, and tracing the Mediterraneo, the journey goes on with the route to the Azeri lakes, where wild and very light Bali’s straw grow naturally; then it goes towards the Chinese jungle and it looks for the palms, whose weaved leaves, give birth to light and sandy colored hats, in Panama d’Oriente (Oriental Panama.)

Enlarging the views, the journey travels the ocean going through Japan, the land of precious weavings of sheets, and it lands in Ecuador where it meets the authentic Panama, weaved by hand with antique techniques and passion.

On its way back, it goes across Africa and it touches Madagascar, the land of the Raffia, to finally achieve the departing port, as well as the Grand Tour’s tradition at the end of ‘700.

Doria 1905’s summer, once again, strengthens the essences of its genderless style dressing the explorers of the new millennium, for whom the journey becomes also a modern occasion. The research pushes itself beyond pure appearance and it conveys the care for natural products, made by Earth or by sea. It is a conceptual and stylistic philosophy, along with the present directions of the market, which highlights handmade works in a harmonious balance between fashion and tradition, between the modern trends and the past recollections.

The palette for the choice of colors follows the variances of the natural materials, stealing them from the lands, from the endless plains, from the leaves and the grasslands, from the colorful fruits for the bright tones, while it steals the darker ones from the mirrors of the lakes and the seas.

Doria 1905 celebrates the triumph of the Nature and the simplicity, generating the unmistakable mood for the “easy-life” teaching, for the travelers characterized by a free spirit.

The lights and the sea’s reflections turn on the hats’ light which is more glam and the inspiration comes from the scales of the marine creatures. The light and changeable sashes enrich the smooth hats with unusual combinations of high-level nets and textiles, which give the most classic hats an easy touch.

The seasonal print, “Salento’s Grand Tour” is an intersections of routes, waves, and marine mandala which wear the wings of the finest Japanese sheets.

The wandering hats are variable, they twist themselves, they are foldable, and they can disappear in any pocket or in the special Doria-bags, realized for the occasion in cotton canvas and colored coriander combined either with the natural leather or with the tones of the ocean, which are green mint, negroamaro, and milk.

The free spirit is the mood of every piece in the collection and it also partners the iconic products of the Toodoria line, in which the raffia and silk’s leaves exchange themselves, between the weavings of the Mediterranean abysses’ straw, in the Salento’s secular tradition of the handmade embroidery and in the spirit of the Doria 1905’s Handmade Passion.