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Summer and Winter Trilby Hats
The trilby hat is a fundamental accessory for the male and female wardrobe of any age: with the function of covering from the sun's rays in summer and sheltering from frost and bad weather, the hat has taken on a very important role within the male outfit.

Much sought after by all fashion fans and Fashion Bloggers, the trilby has conquered space and consideration and today it is also used by young people for its extreme ease of making a very simple outfit, something more stylish and elegant by adding a single accessory.

The difference between summer and winter trilby hats for men is the material they are made of: more or less light fabrics, others water resistant or completely waterproof and finally the most sought after are straw hats.
The History of the Trilby Hat
The Trilby is a variation of the Fedora with a purely English taste. It was called Trilby in honor of du Maurier's novel “Trilby” because one was worn in its first thearal representation.

It is a Fedora-shaped hat with a truncated cone cap and a very narrow wing lowered at the front and raised at the back. It can be made in various materials.

The 80s and 90s of the twentieth century saw its strong return and today the production of Made in Italy trilby hats is in great demand worldwide.
How to choose the most suitable Trilby hat for you
Choosing the trilby hat that best suits your needs is a critical phase and it is important to understand the use you intend to make: in the case of a ceremony, a party or an informal occasion, the trilby must be perfectly matched and in tune with your outfit. , perhaps playing with some fantasy in Prince of Wales or Pied-de-Poule.

Surely the season greatly influences the choice of the hat because according to the period, summer or winter, we will have to opt for a hat more or less heavy and with different characteristics from each other.

The choice of a summer accessory involves lighter materials such as straw hats, panama hats or linen hats; otherwise, or a more winter choice, we will opt for felt hats, rabbit hats or hats in water-resistant or waterproof fabric.
How to Choose the Right Hat Size
Choosing the correct hat size is always a critical moment also because each hat made with craftsmanship and then sold in hats have very different sizes compared to the classic ones to which clothing stores have become accustomed.

The sizes for hats are calculated in centimeters and range from size 55 (the smallest) up to 62 (the largest); to understand which is the most suitable size for us we need to follow an extremely simple and quick procedure.

To calculate your correct hat size, all you need to do is take a tailor's tape measure, measure the circumference of your head keeping the tape measure just one centimeter above your ears, which is the point where your hat will fit perfectly.

If you do not have a tailor's meter, you can calculate the size simply using a piece of string, a string or a lace of your shoes: in the same procedure as before, calculate the circumference with the meter, mark with a pen or a felt-tip pen at the point where the two parts of the lace meet, after which with a ruler or a normal meter measure the lace.