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Cappello Bucket ad Ala Piccola in Tessuto Antipioggia Modello Aliseo

113,00 90,40

Cappello Bucket Foderato in Tessuto Trama Tweed Modello Rudol

144,00 115,20

Cappello Bucket Sfoderato in Denim con Impunture Modello Rudol

159,00 127,20

Baseball Cap Sfilato in Tessuto Modello Billy

103,00 82,40

Coppola Irlandese ad Otto Spicchi in Tessuto con Bottone in Pelle Modello Shelby

121,00 96,80

Baseball Cap in Denim con Visiera in Pelle Modello Canvas

171,00 136,80

Coppola Classica a Spicchi in Tessuto Tweed Modello Felix

125,00 100,00

Coppola Classica a Spicchi in Tessuto Fantasia Scozzese Modello Felix

146,00 116,80

Berretto da Baseball in Tessuto Arrotolabile Modello Tender

97,00 77,60

Coppola Classica in Lino e Seta con Fantasia Pied-de-Poule Modello Golf

113,00 90,40

Coppola Classica in Tessuto Rigato Modello Golf

103,00 82,40

Coppola Irlandese ad Otto Spicchi con Lavorazione Tweed Modello Lord

112,00 89,60

Coppola Irlandese ad Otto Spicchi in Fantasia Principe di Galles Modello Lord

119,00 95,20

Classic Flat Cap in Fabric with Lock Model Earmuffs

91,00 72,80

Wool Felt Beret decorated with Leather Edge and Studs Turenne Model

114,00 91,20

Vintage Corduroy Velvet Sailor Cap with Chain and Studs Tudor Model

127,00 101,60

Eight-wedge Irish Cap in Donegal Fabric Shelby Model

95,00 76,00

Newsboy Cap in Fabric Model Matthew

99,00 79,20

Basque in Wool Felt with Genuine Leather Profile Aurora Model

73,00 58,40

Ian Model Banded Parade Fabric Cap

81,00 64,80

Newsboy Cap Classic Patchwork Jack Model

104,00 83,20

Classic Coppola in Anti-Drop and Anti-Wind Fabric Jugo Model

96,00 76,80

Irish Flat Cap in Tweed Chevron Fabric and Thomas Model Leather Visor

117,00 93,60

Lindbergh Model Fabric Aviator Cap

122,00 97,60

Irish Beanie in Pied-de-Poule Fabric Lord Model

133,00 106,40

Fabric Wedge Cap with Neck Cover Model Ed

86,00 68,80

Classic Flat Cap with Long Band Golf Model

91,00 72,80

Classic Coppola Wedges with Felix Model Plate

88,00 70,40

Flat Gray Flat Cap Steven Model

81,00 64,80

Irish Cap in Blue Leather with Eight Wedges Cork Model

107,00 85,60

Classic Cap in Suede with Short Band Model Burt

112,00 89,60

Basque in Felted Wool with Internal Leather Seal Sebastian Model

55,00 44,00

Zuccotto Cap in Tweed Fabric with Elastic on the Back Breton Model

83,00 66,40

Tweed Fabric Baseball Cap with Mesh Back and Under Visor Svend Model

83,00 66,40

Classic Duckbill Cap in Tweed Fabric with Eddy Model Mesh Neck Cover

87,00 69,60

Legionary Cap in Tweed Fabric and Rigid Visor Model Jorge

87,00 69,60

Classic Flat Cap in Baby Alpaca Fabric with Striped Pattern Golf Model

92,00 73,60

Irish Sliced Cap in Patterned Tartan Fabric Lord Model

83,00 66,40

Baseball Cap in Soft Velor Lapin Felt Rider Model

136,00 108,80

Soft and Unlined Basque in Felted Wool Sebastian Model

37,00 29,60

Soft and Unlined Basque in Felted Wool with Internal Trimming Bilbao Model

50,00 40,00

Boiled Wool Aviator Cap with Interior and Eco Fur Ear Flaps Lindbergh Model

124,00 99,20

Berretti da Donna

I berretti da donna sono molto importanti e ricercati come accessori del guardaroba femminile: grazie alla loro praticità ed alla loro linea, i berretti da donna donano un stile fashion inconfondibile al proprio look.

For some it is seen only as a small whim able to complete the outfit, for others it is a real obsession capable of making it a real highlight of their clothing, the fact remains that the choice of the ideal women's cap remains a of the most complicated and serious choices as it draws attention directly to the wearer's face.

The choice always falls towards a model that can be in line with your style and that makes us feel not only at ease, but that is able to give your look that extra fashion touch that every woman looks for in a fashion accessory.

The most popular models of women's caps

The models of women's caps are many and very different from each other, the most popular ones are undoubtedly the Basque, the Baseball Cap and the Sailor Cap also known as the Sailor's Cap.

The Basque is a very easy to wear women's cap that gives a very fashionable touch to a casual-urban look; the combinations with this accessory are multiple both in terms of color and style of the chosen outfit.

The Baseball Cap is certainly the most classic of the caps that every woman has in her wardrobe: it is a very versatile cap and recently even the big fashion houses have started to offer them as a very chic accessory that completes the look.

The Sailor's Cap is one of the most fashionable accessories of the moment and also the most suitable for those who want to dare more both in terms of combinations and from the point of view of the choice of outfit: the Sailor is produced in many types of fabrics and colors , it ranges from solid color in fabric or leather to motifs in Pied-de-Poule or checkered for those looking for a more eccentric accessory.

How to choose the most suitable women's cap for you

The choice of the ideal cap is always a very serious and complicated matter because it must respect some fundamental factors, the first of which is precisely the use you intend to do.

In the case of a social occasion or some informal party, a solid color beret is the best choice giving an urban-chic touch to your style while in everyday life a women's cap in cotton or wool is never a wrong choice.

The seasonality of the cap should also be taken into consideration: in the summer the women's summer cap is characterized by brighter colors and very light materials such as cotton and linen. Women's winter caps, on the other hand, are characterized by heavier materials, water resistant and with less bright colors.

Come Scegliere la Taglia di Berretto da Donna

Choosing the correct women's cap size is always a critical moment also because each cap made with craftsmanship and then sold in hats have very different sizes compared to the classic ones to which clothing stores have become accustomed.

The sizes of the caps are calculated in centimeters and range from size 55 (the smallest) up to 62 (the largest); to understand which is the most suitable size for us we need to follow an extremely simple and quick procedure.

To calculate your correct cap size, all you have to do is take a tailor's tape measure, measure the circumference of your head holding the tape just one centimeter above your ears, which is where your hat will fit perfectly.

If you do not have a tailor's meter, you can calculate the size simply using a piece of string, a string or a lace of your shoes: in the same procedure as before, calculate the circumference with the meter, mark with a pen or a felt-tip pen at the point where the two parts of the lace meet, after which with a ruler or a normal meter measure the lace.