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The Dalida is a Fedora hat made from Panama Brisa, a weave of simple threads typical of the city of the same name. Our craftsmen work the hat, the shapeless semi-finished product from Ecuador, with the sole aid of water vapour and heat.

The hat is made by hand on wooden moulds so that it takes the desired shape of the crown (head) and brim. It is handled delicately throughout the process so that it retains the traditional and unmistakable elasticity of the panama fibres.

Drying is prolonged and takes place in the air, enhancing its lightness. This hat is made in a warm indigo purple. The belt is made of grosgrain in a bark-brown colour and is completed by the application of the Doria logo in golden brass.

Panama Hat: History

The material used for this hat is Panama and has an incredible history. It is woven from threads of "paja-toquilla", a straw made from the leaves of the Carludovica palmata plant, typical of tropical America. These threads are collected in the towns of Montecristi and Jipijapa by artisans scattered in small villages and then sold as plaits in the city of Cuenca.

The tenderest shoots of the plant are washed, boiled, dried in the sun and then left to rest in the night breeze. This process produces the natural colour typical of Panama. The final step is to dye the straw in baths of natural tones, allowing the chapel to have the desired colour.

Panama's craftsmanship is completely handmade and is an important part of Ecuador's cultural heritage. Its ancient production techniques were recognised in 2012 as a UNESCO Intangible World Heritage Site. Depending on the type and degree of weaving given to the straw, Panama takes on different names and qualities. The finest quality can involve up to eight months of manual labour by local weavers.

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How to choose a size?

How to Choose the Right Hat Size

Choosing the right hat size is always a critical moment, also because every hat made by hand and then sold in hat shops has very different sizes compared to the classic ones that clothing shops have accustomed us to.

Hat sizes are calculated in centimetres and range from size 55 (the smallest) to 62 (the largest). There is a very simple and quick procedure to find out which size is right for you.

To calculate your correct hat size all you have to do is take a tape measure, measure the circumference of your head by holding the tape measure just one centimetre above your ears, which is the point where your hat will fit perfectly.

If you don't have a tape measure, you can calculate the size simply by using a piece of string, a string or a shoelace from your shoes: in the same way as before, use the tape measure to calculate the circumference, mark with a pen or a felt-tip pen the point where the two parts of the shoelace meet and then use a ruler or a normal tape measure to measure the shoelace.